What’s That Smell? – Getting Rid of Hockey Stench

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Have you ever smelled a hockey player after a game? Don’t. You will regret it. But even more regretful is not properly cleaning hockey gear. With all that equipment and the amount of sweat lost in it, cleaning gear can be a tough task. With the following tips, it will be much easier for players to beat hockey smell.

What a lot of hockey players don’t realize is that you take care of yourself by taking care of your gear. Washing gear decreases the risk of skin infections and drying is simpler than you might think. Just hang equipment on a clothesline. You save money in the process too! If you have any questions about how to wash hockey equipment the video below should help.

Removing the soles of skates is another drying tip and another way to decrease the chance of infection. Compression products are also recommended for bacteria prevention since they help soak up moisture.

Of course, the best way to control stench is by purchasing brand-new gear, but if you take care of your equipment by drying it out after each use, and washing it regularly you shouldn’t have to replace your gear very often. Not everybody has the budget for new hockey equipment on a regular basis. Hockey is a very expensive sport, so it can be quite easy to put this off. Putting money to the side for upgrades is important. Remember, taking care of your gear is taking care of yourself. If you start seeing mold or mildew forming on your pads, it’s time for a change. Sticks break all the time, but upgrading other equipment tends to be overlooked.

The last step is a no-brainer. Wash yourself. Please. As mentioned before, you’re going to come out of the game smelling horrid. Do everybody around you a favor. Make sure to clean extensively to rehydrate skin and smell fresh until the next puck drop. At times it might help to shower BEFORE hockey. If you worked up a good sweat before you put on all your gear, all that sweat, dirt, and stink will be absorbed in your equipment and will then fester.

Players at all levels fight hockey smell. Never underestimate the power of hockey odor. Below is a complete guide by Pro Stock Hockey — with information from NHL trainers and staff — on how players can rid themselves of hockey stench.

Perhaps the worst offender of “hockey stink” are the gloves. Some players just have the most foul smelling hands, even after showering and scrubbing. If you’ve tried everything to get the smell out of your gloves with no avail, it may be time for a new pair. You may even find a pair that matches your teams colors! Take a look through the pro stock gloves for sale over at Pro Stock Hockey to see if you can find a pair.

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